Whetman Pinks Dianthus Crop Calendar and Cultural Information

Dianthus Crop Calendar/Cultural Info

By adjusting lighting and temperatures, all Whetman Pinks can be successfully grown year-round. The following list, however, shows where each variety will finish under natural daylength, along with the number of weeks to successfully finish various container sizes.


Media pH:
6.2 to 6.5
100 to 150 ppm N | EC 1.4 to 1.8
Whetman Pinks prefer to be grown on the dry side. Avoid overwatering the crop, as this will affect plant quality and finishing time. Water management is the best way to avoid root-bound diseases and maintain overall plant quality.
After transplanting, keep temperatures at 70ºF (21°C) until roots have begun to develop.
Continue growing the crop at:
65-70°F (18-21°C) Day | 50-55°ree;F (10-13°C) Night
When plants have fully developed (foliage and branching covering the pot media), then the use of cool mornings can be used to improve plant quality and flower color. Drop the temperature by 10°F (5°C) from 2 hours before to 2 hours after sunrise.
If your liners arrive unpinched, pinch immediately at transplant.
Only use plant growth regulators in a spray application, no drenches. B-Nine at 2,500 PPM or Bonzi at 2-5 PPM have been used effectively.
5,000 to 6,000 foot candles.
Bright light and cool temperatures are the best ways to improve plant quality.
Series Natural Finish Quart Gallon 2 Gallon
Devon Cottage Mid Season 8-10 weeks 10-16 weeks 16-20 weeks
Early Bird Very Early Season 8-10 weeks Not Recommended Not Recommended
Promotional Lines Mid Season 8-10 weeks 10-16 weeks Not Recommended
Scent First Mid Season 8-10 weeks 10-16 weeks Not Recommended
Star Early Season 8-10 weeks 10-16 weeks Not Recommended